What happened ! I totally just stopped blogging for…3 years.

Long Long story short..

Looking back to my last post was quite hard for me, it was the last time I was happy and content with my life for a long while. I got bad news at work and everything went wrong from there. A series of events occurred at work and in my personal life, and changed me a lot. It took a while to come back from it all, and to be totally honest, I probably wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been for the newest edition to my life , Introducing *drum roll* …



Bumble Bee!

She’s a Smooth Collie and my total best friend, she’s legit already saved my life at least twice (one time involving a light and a pillow on top of it, but that is another story my friends!) We do everything together, I mean, everything I’ll sneak her in where ever I can! you’re gonna hear a lot about her, she is pretty much my life now.

So enough of the sad stuff, bar the dog ofc, I’ve been totally into Fallout 4 recently in prep for the new DLC tomorrow!! woop We’re going to Far Harbour Bee! and what about the new Sailor Moon series, outer Senshi! loads of good stuff going on. I’m also really into Disney Tsum Tsums  at the moment too… so expected photos of them. lots of photos.



So about two weeks ago (on Tuesday) I was flying back to boring reality… sigh! but I had a great time in Turkey with my family.

We stayed in an all inclusive hotel, which I’ve never done before. It’s great just going up to the bar order drinks and not paying, a habit I had to (regrettably) forget when going into Starbucks the weekend I got back. We stayed on the top floor and I shared a room with my sister this was our view




One night there was a massive thunderstorm, and we saw a waterspout form on the sea, it was pretty scary, but insanely cool :)

The closest town was Side (pronounced See-day) I was excited to go as you could walk there from the hotel across the beach. But it was very touristy, men shouting at you from every corner to come buy there stuff, almost to the extent of being flirted with, it was awkward. Sunglasses and a hat to hide where you were looking was a good tactic, also just out-right ignoring people heh. Side did have some cool Roman ruins all over it though, on walking in we were greeted with this


Which looked pretty cool, until it was covered in sweaty tourists :)  I tried my best to get a clean shot, but alas that man was just walking too fast! There was also a Colosseum which was less packed as you had to pay ten lira to see it



The hotel we were in was really nice, very clean and really big. The food was so good too! fresh made breads and pita loads of choice, I ate so much :) the only problem is when you wanna sit outside, there are cats. EVERYWHERE. I dislike cats at the best of times and these were all over you mewing for food, if you left something on the table unattended they’d be up their thieving your meats. ugh. The hotel had an amazing gym, no one was using it either, it was brilliant. As well as a gym they had loads of activities through out the day and a butt load of swimming pools to use, they were really cold though, but I braved them a few times, I had to justify getting a bikini!!

There were loads of places to eat, “The Street” and the “Akasya” were the main two, we lovingly named the Akasya, The Trough(serious it became like a feeding frenzy at times). Also tried all of the “Al la Carte” restaurants within the hotel too, you had to pay a extra 5 euro ahead for it, but we had a lot of fun in them, purely because no one was using the restaurants and the waiters worked really hard. Most of the food had a really bizarre/Turkish take on the theme, some of them were really nice though, the themes of the restaurants were (in order best to worst): Mexican, Italian, Turkish, Asian, Fish.  We did the Fish on the last day we were there, it wasn’t very nice, and typically outside there where a load of cats. This was the only photo I took inside them, as it was always really dark (see how hard they worked on presentation?! good for 5 euro)


We did a couple trips out too, our first one was to the Manavgat Falls, which were really pretty. The day also included a trip to a “textile” factory, so I was thinking cool! a traditional cloth factory. NUP it was a TK Maxx full of fakes and chavs. then we got bussed over to Manavgat market, which was just the same shit as the textile factory but laid out in a maze of stalls. Finally we did a boat trip up the river, which was relaxing and we stopped on a strip that had fresh water on one side and the sea on the other. It was getting pretty hot though and the sand was hard to walk on. We did a similar trip towards the end of the holiday we were on a pirate type boat and did a long trip out to sea and stopped several times to swim. We were supposed to see dolphins (80% chance!) I think not.

We did an evening trip to see an outside stage show, which was awesome!! It was called the Fire of Anatolia. Really enjoyed it, it was over too fast :)! the whole of it is on youtube! so if you haven’t got anything planned for an hour and a half some day I suggest seeing it, much better though live.

My sister, mum and I did a girly shopping day out in Side and had loads of fun, we found a really cute cafe called “Cafe Dreams” and had, by far, the best coffee of the trip there. We liked it so much we went back for lunch. I did so much reading whilst we where away, I read all of The Wool, by Hugh Howey a fantastic series recommended to me by my dad! and Mortal Instruments 1 and 2 (which weren’t that great) by Cassandra Clare. Also I finally beat Groudon on Mystery Dungeon – woohoo!

I’d put more photos from my holidays up, but I didn’t actually take that many, and the ones that I did were failed attempts at trying to picture the wildlife. Lastly, I finished my Liger Zero model yesterday, I will take photos of him and blog about it later :)

writing about my holiday has made me quite sad, I want to go back!


Blame the Books

I can’t stop reading recently, hence my lack of posts! I got back from my holiday last week which this weekend I will post all about! It was lovely, the down side? It ended :(

Look what came in the post toodayyyyyyy!!!!

photo (6)

I know right I’m so excited to build it but nervous cause what if I break it and I spent like fat end of £100 on it D:

My weekend is sorted.

Today at work we did Fire Marshall training, for a training course it was pretty fun. I asked at the end if we could all get shiny sheriff  type badges to wear saying Fire Marshall… no one else liked the idea.

Oh yea, Currently reading  Brandon Sandersons’ Final Empire, the Mistborn Trilogy, so far so good!!!

Sick :(

Today I am pretty certain the little Robin in the garden did more work than I did. I had to come home from work as I’m a bit under the weather! coldy bunged up dizzy etc etc…

So I spent most of the day in either a half dazed state of somewhere between awake and asleep, and watching the little Robin in our garden fly in and out of our shed building her(I think?) nest. I also watched The Hobbit and ate soup.


Speaking of birds, here are some cute little rainbow lorikeet’s I fed at Chessington Zoo with my sister the last time we went.



Best Birthday Weekend!

My sister and I turned 24 this weekend!

On Saturday, we went to the Warner Bro’s Studio Tour and it was amazing!!! for those that don’t know what it is, it’s a huge behind the scenes tour of the Harry Potter sets. Photos you say? yea I took a few… I’ll make a gallery so I don’t overload this post with pictures, because most of them are pretty poor quality.

There was so much to see, and it was really busy! we went for a 4 o’clock tour and had to wait around for ages cause we arrived early, but that was ok because there is a huuugeee gift shop! (and a Starbucks!) I have to admit, I spent quite a bit of money… but I did get some really neat stuff! 3 t-shirts, a Ministry Badge and a Souvenir guide. It was a really sunny day so we sat outside with our drinks and waited around in the sun.

It was pretty manic in there as it’s the middle of the Easter holidays here, and it was a Saturday, we queued at 4 and didn’t get in until 4:30 but when we did it was amazing. We were led into a cinema and shown clips of the movies and a build up to entering, and then all of a sudden the cinema screen lifted and the doors to the great hall were right in front of us!  We got to go up to the doors and push them open because it was our birthday, so our view of the great hall was amazing


My sister and I going into the great hall

From there on you walked through the hall and then you were free to roam around the two studios, and boy, there was so much to see. I’m glad we had three sets of eyes looking at all different things because it’s really easy to miss things!  they also had a tribute to Richard Griffiths cause he died recently :(

Richard Griffiths costume

Richard Griffiths costume

they had the common room, Professor Dumbledores office, the Burrow, Umbridges Office, the Ministry statue really was just so many things and so many props! I think they said that they had enough props to fill to warehouses. I bought the Guide which was really expensive but it is pretty informative. So we walked out of the first warehouse into the backlot were they had all the outside staging, and Butterbeer!! it was ok, really sweet it tasted sorta like a coke float. We stood at Privet Drive too! :) and on the bridge! But I think our best photo was in the Ford Anglia, Butterbeer in hand ;)

My sister and I in the Ford Anglia

My sister and I in the Ford Anglia

The next warehouse was full of the special effects make up and puppets and such, even a big Aragog hanging from the ceiling, was pretty creepy :) I really liked all the artwork and model sets they had on display. So much hard work has gone into it that never even gets seen. The end of the tour was really special too we got to walk down Diagon Alley and then we ended up in a huge room, that had the miniature hogwarts exterior, It was amazing! a guide was talking to us, and asked us if it was our first time there and when we answered yes, he asked us to take his arm and close our eyes, and then he did like a big reveal for us :) was really special.


I was sad to leave but it was getting pretty late! we had such a brilliant day, though if I went again I’d definitely book a day off work and go in the week when hopefully it might be a little quieter! The best part was it wasn’t the end of our birthday cause that was on Sunday!

Sunday morning came and my sister woke me up and we opened presents in my mum and dads room :) I got so much stuff I felt guilty! but really happy at the same time ;) because my main present from my mum and dad is a trip to Turkey!!! which is on a week Friday ( I’m so excited :D )

Birthday Loot

Birthday Loot

I placed my Harry Potter buys in the picture too! minus the one I was wearing :) also my mum finished the jumper she was knitting me but it was a little too small so now she is re-knitting the whole thing and I feel terrible cause she put so much effort into it :( sorry mum!!

I’ve never received so many birthday cards before, my shelf is so full! after we opened presents we went down for breakfast, I treated myself and had some nice yoghurt with a sprinkle of my cheating cereal banana and some raisins it was so good :). I’ve totally forgotten to say that I’m a twin, so yea I share my birthday with my sister, which I really really love :) After breakfast we popped up to Starbucks for some iced coffee and then came home for a nice long walk in the forest behind our house. We got really lucky over the weekend the weather was positively tropical considering the way its been recently, and it was great for our walk.  We came home to a nice big lunch of ginger spiced pork and lasagne, I chose the pork  ’cause I haven’t had that dish in years. But the main event was totally our cake, which was awesome.


Why yes those are little piggies chillin’ in mud, we saw it on the internet and decided to make one ourselves! it was fun to do :) and it tasted AMAZING so much so that as I write this my slice tally is at 3. hehe.


Time for dinner now and some serious damage control at the gym after my rather indulgent weekend.

My new Potter Quidditch shirt!

My new Potter Quidditch shirt!

The Tale of the Boy Who Tried to Fly.

Happy Easter!

First things first…

I have to get this off my chest. I’ve just got back from the gym, and a little incident happened whilst I was working out. I’m working away on the cross trainer for about half an hour, when I notice to my left a young girl perhaps ten or eleven, in a swim suit soaking wet, climbing onto a training bike; in tow was her brother I’m guessing of a similar age.  So I’m thinking huh I’m sure their parents will be out any minute now to shout at them and get them out. but nope not a parent in sight. They get bored with the bike and go over to the treadmill. Now the gym at this time is pretty quiet, their were four of us in there, and we’d all exchanged nervous glances, the guy closest to them lifting weight goes over and  tells them that its not a very smart idea to run on a treadmill bare foot and that you really should be sixteen to be in here. Yea they don’t listen, the girl wanders off and eventually the boy works out how to use the treadmill. He doesn’t just start walking, the little moron keeps his finger on the speed up button to a level that I would have had  to sprint at and of course he has no clue how to turn it off, by this point the guy on the weights has legged it over to hit the emergency stop, but alas… not fast enough as by this point the little boy is clinging for dear life legs scuffing around like a can attached to a newly weds car, he can’t hold on, and lets go just as the guy has hit stop and goes flying of the end straight into the training bikes buttocks first. He and his sister swiftly grabbed their bags and departed.

How I didn’t laugh, god alone knows. Now this is were my moral dilemma kicks in. I didn’t do anything to stop this little fiasco, and I saw it coming from a mile off. But these weren’t young children who didn’t know better, the boy knew full well what he was doing and was trying show off and to top that they’d already been told by the most senior person in there not to do it and didn’t listen. I feel it was a hard, embarrassing, and most likely painful lesson to learn. What would you guys have done?


I’ve eaten a fair bit of chocolate already this week… and it’s not even Easter Sunday yet :( piglet! we had these though, and my god they’re amazing!!!

I also  have about nine cadbury creme eggs to eat and even more chocolate… and the Sunday after next is my birthday ._.!!! I’m going to cling onto my size 10  jeans for dear life, I’m not going to gain weight!! I just looked it up, in the US I’m a size 6, which sounds even better!…the hardest part is I just love cake so much…

I baked some really nice hot cross buns, for Good Friday. I’m not religious or anything, but hey it gave me an excuse to eat one :)! I also did bread and rolls last weekend which was probably why I forgot to blog ;)! I had pictures but someone made fun of them and I got really embarrassed so I deleted the photos. Kinda pissed me off as I worked really hard on the buns too.

At Starbucks today, my sister and I got take away coffees, as I wanted to come home and play neopets … (what a child) and she got a free big chocolate coin cause she pulled a marked take away cup that said Happy Easter :)! lucky. I was really lucky too though, my dad kindly gave me his old kindle as he upgraded, I was so grateful I nearly cried.


Well I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday, I’m gonna go egg hunting in the morning and then eat loads of Turkey!


Minecraft and Easter crafts

So I’ve got another four day weekend as I am using up the last couple of days before the end of year (yay!). Yesterday got lost to Minecraft, my sister recently bought it for the Xbox. I have had it before on the pc, but yea it wasn’t too legit and I got rid of it pretty rapidly. My god can this game sink hours, I was behind making dinner because I was obsessed with making my farm and crops… I did go to town earlier in the day and get a coffee and a cookie because hey, I’m at target weight! though in saying that after yesterdays indulgences I’ll probably gain a pound or two. I made pork Gyoza’s, also called pot sitckers, and they were amazing!! I ate 6… I couldn’t stop myself, and then I ate dinner… and then a bit more cake!!! piggy :3 I felt guilty at the gym later and burned 500 calories on the cross trainer, that should cover the cookie. Sorry I forgot to take a picture as I was too busy stuffing my face >.< (did picture my cookie though!)

Today we went to a craft shop for easter things. It’s really overpriced in there, I wasn’t tempted by much of it. I ended up coming out of there with 3 packets of stickers and some felt bunnies. I don’t even know why I bought them I liked them I guess but I wont use them cause they’re too cute. Do any of you do that? I also do this thing where I see like a cute teddy bear, and I pick the ugliest one or the one that’s been made wrong cause I feel sorry for it because you know no one will want to give it a home. I saw someone post about it the other day on twitter, I’m glad I’m not the only one who does it. oh yea, prime example, I found him on the field at work, I think it’s been chewed by a cat or something. So I saved him and he now sits in my office under my monitor –


battered Bullseye

Craft things I bought

Craft things I bought

My mum got some kntting stuff at the craft shop and is going to make me a knit  jumper I saw that I really liked for my birthday, I’m really excited it looks cozy! Mums gonna make mine with a polo neck on it “adventure in style” Hopefully I can wear it on my trip to Turkey :)

That Mama film was poo. But we did get a lovefilm dvd “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” it was brilliant, I can really recommend it. It’s one of those movies were nothing much really happens but it holds your attention the whole time. I really want to go to India now haha. A new Zoid I won on ebay arrived in the post on Friday, I’ve never received something so nicely packaged, I almost don’t want to take it out!!

isn't the box cute!

isn’t the box cute!


I’ve got loads more to talk about, but this is getting super long and my room is dying to be cleaned. So I shall save it for a later installment!


Have a good weekend all :)